Sanctorum Avow

In the fiction fantasy novel called Insurrection by Truth Devour, Santorum Avow is a clandestine organization that is dedicated to reporting the truth about what is happening in the world. Author Truth Devour has created this site to capture the essence of what this fictitious group stands for. All the articles and posts that are created on this site are indeed real life current topics and events in areas of interest to Truth.

Sanctorum Avow promotes: Freedom of speech and the entitlement of contributing to a collective consciousness on what is happening across the globe.

Excerpt from Insurrection Chapter 5 - Latent

Chemical Warefare - Guinea Pigs 'r' us

Recently, we received an anonymous tip about the alleged collective government bodies involvement in bypassing safety protocols to expedite the receipt of approvals for immediate human clinical trials of a largely untested synthesized chemical labeled eXileanon. The underlying urgency for the release was driven by concerns that the spread of the new disease known as Euphoric Death, could become pandemic. The informant's claim is that there is an unauthorized chemical sub component called Anathema being used. The informant also makes claim that Anathema has already been leeched for decades into our systems by piggybacking its introduction, utilizing the standardized vaccine issuance channels to children globally.

Who is Truth Devour?

Seriously my first thought is what does it matter who I am, what I look like or what my favorite food is? I’m person who lives my life like any other – as best I can.

It is hard to determine precisely what my passions are given the world presents with so many opportunities. The spaces I like to dabble: Writing, Reading, Travelling, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Music …. basically anything that gets my creative juices flowing and supports the mood I am feeling compelled to express.

I embrace as many creative variants as time allows to willfully drink from the experiences that assist in coloring the pages of the books I choose to write and you choose to read.

Live the journey of self and devour thy own truth. 
  • Believe in thy self
  • Love thy self
  • Trust thy self
  • Have faith in thy self
  • Compassion for thy self
  • Forgiveness for thy self

Life is about choices and chances. You make a choice and take a chance. It all starts and ends with you.