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Baa Baa Black Sheep

To be a black sheep to me has always been a rather negative connotation to describe an outcast, perhaps defiant or disreputable member of a society. It is most often used in reference to a person within a family being ‘different.’ In essence, I am considered to be the black sheep within mine. This whole Weinstein exposé of his distasteful behavior that is circulating around social media, had me reframing the idea and purpose of black sheep within our society. Perhaps it is the black sheep who ironically are destined to shed light in dark places.

To my new interpretation of a black sheep, in the case of the most unsurprising reveal about Harvey Weinstein being a predatory person, the black sheep are the people who dared to speak out about Harvey’s behavior. Although there are many now doing so, I’m not necessarily referring to the hordes of individuals who are voicing their truth post the public metaphoric lynching of Harvey.  I am referring to all the brave champions found in the likes of people such as, Courtney Love in 2005 who made clear reference to his behavior well over a decade ago.  Courtney, as seen in this great example below, was displaying a non conforming lack of acceptance of the behavior by hesitantly speaking out in a public forum, even though she was conscious that she would be left exposed and ultimately no doubt pay a price.

Anyone, with a rudimentary level of common sense understands the message Courtney Love delivered, without any more need for discussion. It’s fascinating that to this day there are several examples where people have made quips about Weinstein along the lines of the same ilk, including a sting operation to get his harassment on tape. All this transpires, yet no action has been taken until now.

Instead of following the media droves on the band wagon of crucifying Harvey Weinstein, perhaps it is time for us to delve into the more pertinent question: Why now?

Weinstein’s scandalous behavior was the entertainment industries worst kept secret. That to me is a big call out to be less distracted by the current pig on parade being the sacrificed lamb by the sheep herders (puppet masters) and to be far more interested in understanding what is happening around us that warrants the need for a distraction of this magnitude?  Why choose this particular Hollywood mogul, when we all know he is simply one of many? Isn’t anyone curious as to why no-one is holding an outcry and coming forward about ‘every’ other producer / agent / talent scout in the music and film industry that has taken unfair advantage to wet their pickle with the prospective male and female talent in exchange for promotion? Surely, if a big swinging dick such as Weinstein is being lynched, now is the time to expose the nest and burn them all?

Yet, what do we hear? {Crickets chirping}. Not a peep. All the frenzy and focus, the example is being made of one, Harvey Weinstein. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves to be exposed and punished, but so do all the rest. Why just one? Why this one? Who finally gave the nod to sacrifice him? Find the answer to this and I believe that we might understand who is actually in power and who gets the most gain? I wonder who will shift into Weinstein’s pivotal position after his demise? Or is it bigger than Hollywood and just a convenient ‘entertainment’ necessary sacrifice to cause a distraction from something of far greater concern? Hmm, I wonder if you could guess what I am thinking. It rhymes with the word thump.

Corey Feldman is a black sheep for revealing in interviews that he and his friend Corey Haim were surrounded by pedophiles their whole adolescent acting career and that some of these people are still active in the industry. Children being groomed to be sexually abused. The message made loud and clear by Corey Feldman is that the casting couch is real folks and it is not just reserved for the young girls and woman. The unspoken taboo of what young boys and men have been subjected to is equally as deplorable and prevalent.

Look at what happened to Kesha when she became the black sheep by calling out allegations against the misconduct of her producer.  I’ve linked an article that can provide you some context on how that journey went for her…. My suggestion is to read the article first and then listen to the lyrics of her latest single ‘Praying.’  It doesn’t take a genius to appreciate that something heinous had happened to Kesha on the road to fame.

Well done Kesha for not bowing down to the unpleasant experiences and self destructing. Instead, she dug deep and chose to use her music as a way to bravely express the fundamental truth of a toxic culture within the entertainment industry.

How many of you have heard of  David Icke?

You may be in for a treat if you haven’t. He has become one of my favorite black sheep. The results of his initial interview had him face a huge amount of flak from the audience. David Icke was daring to speak out at a time when people were so well entrenched in the lies they had been sold. David’s entire life post this interview provided below, became one of torment and persecution by the very people he was attempting to warn.

Individuals who voice their truth are the recipient of humiliation, torment and are subjected to defaming tactics. Its a common cost of the plight it would seem, especially for those who dared to pursue the truth prior to the emergence of the current digital era.

Thankfully for us the influence of the media and cover ups are harder to sustain now that millions of people own a smart phone. On one hand, there is a broader access base for market influencers to saturate us with information that would drive consumerism and conformity, but on the other, the exponential growth of social media engagement has also allowed for the truth to be delivered directly to people. It’s a huge game changer for us as individuals and one that I hope will see the eventual reduction / eradication of false propaganda tactics.

Weinstein absolutely needs to be investigated and charged for his actions. But it’s not just Weinstein doing this and it’s not just woman who are being subjected to the opportunistic depravity of industry influencers. What I am hoping for is a positive trend in the number of black sheep willing to rise above the constraints, the shame and fears, to expose them all. There is no better time than now to take everyone of them down. Calling people out and holding them to account will set a precedence of absolute intolerance.

Let us all contribute in any way we can to either be or support the black sheep in their plight to shed light in the darkest of places.

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