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GMO Bt Toxin

If you feel that GMO has had no impact on your life then you are not paying attention. There are studies that emerged since 2011 that confirm humans are carrying the Bt toxin in their system and what is worse is that pregnant woman are transferring this to their fetuses. 

There is a crystal protein which has been implanted into some GM food crops around the globe. The objective was to provide the plants the ability to produce this toxin so that they could be resistant to insects such as the corn borer, tobacco budworm, cotton bollworm, pink bollworm etc. It was not believed to be harmful to humans. The results of studies had ‘allegedly’ proven that the toxin was destroyed in the human gut and then passed out naturally. This however has since been shown to be false. In a test conducted in Canada, a group of pregnant woman had been assessed. The blood samples confirmed 93 per cent of the mothers to be, were positive and 80 per cent of the samples drawn from umbilical cords also confirmed that the toxin was present. It is alarmingly high and what is even worse is that there is no current understanding of what the Bt toxin is doing.

The original objective of the modification was to allow the plants a mechanism to protect themselves, which in turn would increase the safety of the yields, reduce overheads on farmers manual intervention, along with the decrease in the use of pesticide sprays. Overall it was driven by a projected cost reduction that was estimated to be able to save tens of millions of dollars per annum and has since been reported as such.

I believe that the saving is an illusion.

It seems to me that the methodology applied to the agricultural sciences around GMO solutions is driven by the financial savings to the industry, with little to no consideration to whether the reductions realized are an actual reduction overall. What I am suggesting is that it appears that the ideas solely evolving around the GMO onslaught of interference with nature, may be translatable to a bottom line that is quantifiable in the industry, but it is not without negative financial effect to other areas. Isn’t it thereby a transfer of cost and in essence possibly a huge loss? Yes, profit margins ‘appear’ to increase for the agri sector, but the quality of the tampered food that people unwittingly consume now becomes a potential contributor to the possible decline in health. The true disadvantage to society is that this is something that will only formulate into a conscious reality when it is all too late.

The real kicker to all of this is that we are being subjected to GMO products on a daily basis without knowing it. The labelling structure is not absolute and it varies across the globe. Hence, imported products may or may not be revealing the pertinent information that enables us to make an informed decision on what we are consuming. So much for our freedom of choice.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees. ‘Rainer Maria Rilke’

The irony of all of this is that there are records that show that in less than a span of a decade, some of the bugs that were deterred by the Bt toxic crystalline protein have since thrown a Darwinism spanner in the works by biologically evolving to adapt to the genetically engineered toxin produced by the modified plants. How’s that for a f*%k you from mother nature?

We never seem to learn. Instead of working with nature, we try to control, manipulate, and destroy. There is a cause and effect in everything that is done to sway away from the natural order of things, and with each step we are killing ourselves in the process.