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Vaxed Awakening

In 1991 at the ripe old age of twenty-one Robert DeNiro had me moved to uncontrollable tears when I watched him on the big screen playing the character of a catatonic patient that briefly comes to life when Robin Williams (the doctor) treats him with a drug called L-dopa.

The movie is called Awakening. There is a scene where Robert’s character is becoming less responsive to the drug which leads towards the inevitability of him being trapped like a frozen statue within his own body once more. The anguish on his face as he calls out to Robin to learn from him had me heaving for breath as I sobbed loudly in the presence of strangers.

 The significance of the impact has remained with me to this day and serves as an important foundation to some of my underlying life philosophies.
Awaken – See things for what they are & not for what people would like them to be.

Fast forward to 2016 where I am now once again finding myself being moved by Mr DeNiro. This time it is not for his stellar acting ability in a movie rather the stance he has made to support our right to see compelling movies that encourage people to question things. For those of you who are unaware, Robert DeNiro is one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival, which was celebrating its fifteenth year recently. During an interview on the Today show Robert and his co-founder Jane Rosenthal were discussing the then up coming festival. Part way through the discussion a question was raised around the decision that was made to pull a documentary called VAXED. It is a movie that covers the links between Autism and vaccinations, which provides some compelling information that suggests that the connection was known by the CDC and big pharmaceutical companies all along.

VAXED – Autism Links to Vaccines

If you watch the interview you will see Robert is very passionate when he calls out to people to make their own judgment by watching films such as VAXED and TRACE AMOUNTS. To extend ourselves by asking questions rather than passively accepting the status quo. There are clear undercurrents of emotion driving his responses that demonstrated this was coming from a very personal space for him given his own son has Autism. Robert DeNiro’s words, “Lets find out the truth” resonated with me.

Its an interesting gauntlet to find safe passage through the copious amounts of information and what I would call misdirection of data that is available on the web. I found myself traveling a path of topics that covered the links between vaccinations and autism, then somehow crossed over into connections between the suspicious deaths of holistic practitioners who were successfully championing the promotion of non synthesized methods to heal the human body of illness. In particular, most of them were connected to the promotion of utilizing a natural substance called GcMAF to cure chronic illnesses from cancer to HIV to autism. GcMAF (Gc protein macrophage activation factor) is an immune-regulating compound that is naturally found in our bodies.

Conspiracy theories aside, through my research there seems to be a pattern forming that is definitely worth having as a take away to all of this. The premise that natural substances cannot be patented forces the pharmaceutical companies to create synthesized versions of the same compound in order to make money. This has always been bandied around and known, but what I feel us as consumers were failing to realize is that the natural substance that is being modeled is in essence the cure. The synthesized version is the faux emulation of mother natures perfection. What are we waiting for?

The time is well overdue for us as individuals to cease being at the blind mercy of money driven corporate construct. The cogs are churning on a well entrenched consumer preying chemical manufacturing monster that will only stop when we do. I’m all for holding them to account by beginning with ourselves. Globally we need to be far more vigilant in ensuring we all work towards supporting one another in making smarter, healthier lifestyle choices, while also remaining steadfast toward the pursuit of the truth.