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First Moon Landing

The validity of the first moon landing has been one of the most popularized conspiracy theories discussed across the years, and has been linked with film director, Stanley Kubrik. There are some who have called out that Mr. Kubrik prior to his death voluntarily ‘alluded’ to being engaged by NASA to be the clandestine director at the helm of the landing on the moon footage. Whether this is sensationalism or holds a modicum of truth my question is, who cares? Why are there people out there who are still fixated on blowing the whistle on this event?


The tale is based around a strong female character who through a string of tragic circumstances, finds that she is catapulted into a smorgasbord of extraordinary adventures. With every fall she returns to stand. Like a phoenix rebirthed, Talia Jacob’s admirably inches closer to understanding the truth and through this she becomes the perfectly imperfect hero of her own life story.


What makes me wonder about the relevancy of sustaining these types of discussions in the current times is that I fail to see how knowing changes anything. Advancements in technology has driven our scientists ability to reach beyond the moon to places, such as Mars. If the NASA moon landing were found to be a lie, does it really matter? How will knowing this now change our lives other than to be able to call out a big “I told you so moment” on that particular topic. I’m not an advocate for lies nor do I encourage it, but honestly how is pushing to keep this conspiracy alive going to change anything?

Bear with me for a moment and follow my thoughts on this to see if you still feel the same post reading my words. Do you recall a certain some-one saying “I did not have relations with that woman.” If you don’t know it, then I am referring to what was coined as the Lewinsky scandal. The American president 49-year-old President Bill Clinton was linked to a 22-year-old White House intern, by the name of Monica Lewinsky. The sexual relationship occurred in the mid 90’s. This affair completely took the world by storm across the late 90’s, clogging up the media channels. In fact there was what I would consider a rabid frenzy over an opportunity to sensationalize what was essentially a “man cheating on his wife with another woman.”  The fact of the matter is that he lied to the people and flatly denied that anything had taken place. Eventually, through evidence provided pertaining to secretly taped phone calls and a D.N.A sampled semen stain from a blue dress, his position was forced toward confession. The truth was unveiled by the President airing his formal admission that he had indeed had inappropriate relations with Monica Lewinski. What does an acting President who actively lied to people of America receive as penance for his lies?  Bill Clinton received a marginal fine for committing perjury, some public humiliation and honestly, not much else. I’m sure people associated his steep career decline from there as the reason. I beg to differ, there were other elements at play such as investigations into Watergate that I am sure faired beneficially from the Lewinsky scandal distraction, but that is whole other topic.


We are saturated with so much information that it becomes truly hard to discern what is a misunderstanding vs someones altered perception of the truth vs an outright intention to mislead – lie. The question I continue to put to you is; how much should we care about it?

I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Going back to the conspiracy theory surrounding the first moon landing in 1969. To my point, I’m exploring why should anyone expend time and energy on trying to uncover the truth of such an event, especially so long after it has occurred, when I can see little benefit in the outcome. I guess from my perspective I can appreciate the plausibility of it being faked and what the political drivers at the time would be to do so. I won’t exclude the probability of this being one of the outcomes, just as equally as the moon landing has a probability of having occurred at the time that it had been publicized. I’m not going to tell you that there isn’t compelling arguments for either side and certainly there were drivers that involved ‘billion’ dollar budgets and countries competing to receive notoriety for achieving the accolades associated to being ‘first’ and so on. The truth either way, as I see it in this instance, doesn’t change much for us now.

Fake or otherwise the moon landing at the time and for a decade afterwards gave people a much needed boost to believe that greater achievements are possible. Paradigms were broken when the impossible became a reality. Generations of budding scientists were molded from the idea that barriers between our world and outer space were no longer an unattainable dream. Scientists across the globe became motivated to invest funding to make further advancements in aerospace.

We have come a long way since 1969. If it was a lie, then let it be so.

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