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The tables are turning to reflect a new age where the voice and actions of some online hackers coined hacktivists and known also by the reference Anonymous, are slowly changing public perception from fear to revere with support growing daily. It seems their mission statement focusses on achieving a truly new realm of leaderless world order by aiming to keep the actions and communications of all influencers honest.

In 2014, I experienced firsthand what it felt like to have my online presence invaded by cyber bullies and intrusive hackers. It turned my world upside down, forced me to question everything and more rudely to realize how easily people get swayed (myself included) into believing what is posted. Needless to say, this active twelve month continual attack was certainly an eye opener and in the top two worst experiences of my life. It made me wonder why people who are skilled with talented hacking capabilities don’t channel their focus on doing some good in the world. This is when I stumbled upon Anonymous.

The words “We do not forgive and we do not forget, expect us” is what resonated with me as the most evocative part of their mandate. One of the things I have personally found so frustrating about societal injustices that are brought to light is the fact that it is not uncommon to find many people knew about what was happening, and either turned a blind eye or secretly supported the activities for gain. When all is brought to bear very few get any real justice served and to me, this is the ultimate insanity. Movements such as Anonymous are encouraging the self-empowerment of techno savvy laymen to dare to make a positive difference in this space, and quite frankly, it excites me.

Catching cyber sycophants.

Online, numerous articles can be found, which associate a list of ‘good deeds’ to the Anonymous organization. Now in the spirit of the participants being anon it is not easy to definitively say whether all or some of the good deeds listed are in fact the work of the group, but I am certain we could agree that the Anonymous organization is a catalyst that has inspired countless people to ‘act.’ When I read that a campaign was created to target the DarkNet focusing on exposing child pornography and pedophile rings, I smiled. The concerted efforts of some resulted in the shutdown of a long standing image exchange (trafficking) portal and even more importantly publicly exposed a list of service user’s names. These hacktivists championed a space that has been deemed ‘untraceable.’ They used their savvy to become the fearless voice of the defenseless innocent children, forcing the thriving DarkNet pedophile community to recognize that they are not untouchable and will be cyber hunted for their crimes.

Just recently in Australia a convicted child rapist and pedophile by the name of “Mr. Baldy” (real name: Brian Keith Jones) was released from a deemed to be served prison sentence into the unsuspecting community with what was stated by the governing body as strict parole conditions. This sick individual was a predator during my adolescent years. The media supplied the reference Mr. Baldy to his deeds because he had a penchant for shaving the heads of his young male victims and sometimes if memory serves correctly, he adorned them in girl’s dresses, imparting his mark of psychological torment before sexually abusing them. He served eight years in the 1980s for the invasive crimes linked to six boys. Post Brian’s release he reoffended almost immediately, sexually assaulting two more boys. The ‘justice’ system awarded him a 14-year prison term for his re-offence. Aside from it being astounding to me that executioners of such heinous deeds against our youth are given lenient sentences, they are also upon release provided housing. Would it surprise you to learn that the government allocated digs were located six blocks from Ascot Vale Primary School and close by to a popular local skate park? Investigating media reporters tracked the residential location of this sycophant, which resulted in his immediate relocation to protect his identity, as fear rises for him being targeted by angry citizens. Hmm, yep, let’s spend more hard earned tax dollars to protect and hide the person who is a convicted predator who has demonstrated he holds no hesitation to continue to hurt our societies precious children if and when an opportunity presents.

A Canadian teenager by the name of Bradley Willman’s over a decade ago made the papers because his actions led to the eventual imprisonment of a Californian Judge by the name of Ronald Kline’s for possession of child pornography. This kid used his genius to develop a Trojan horse computer mal ware program that imbedded itself onto pedophile’s computers which gave him full access to their systems. He forwarded the information to a pedophile watch group and eventually the details landed in the hands of authorities. Bradley was only a kid at the time, yet he was championing the cause to expose predators, which in my opinion is simply brilliant.

Here’s the slap in the face. The way the law is structured the legality of the use of the Trojan horse was a founding argument that Ronald’s lawyer utilized to challenge the charges. So, in laymen term’s, no-one was arguing that Judge Kline had copious amounts of child pornography on his computer and in his home. The position from the defence was more aligned to, “But your Honor it was accessed without permission so it shouldn’t be allowed to be presented to the courts.” Personally, this leaves me speechless. Ronald, after a six year defensive battle in the legal system finally lost and got a prison sentence applied. What do you suppose a man who was assigned to be the purveyor of justice, and an executioner of fair judgment received for this betrayal of community trust and heinous crime? A total of twenty-seven months in Federal prison with eligibility of parole post serving a mandatory twenty-three months.

“Our law enforcement systems are clearly broken globally.” Truth Devour

Let’s segway back to Anonymous. I know there is a lot of debate going on about pushing to label vigilante behavior as ‘acts of terror.’ What I am questioning and suggest others do too, is why are influential organizations and high profile individuals trying to place a negative label on hacktivists behavior instead of considering the short falls of the people, systems, laws, legislations and such that made cause for intervention of those who were and are brave enough to step up to ‘act’ as representatives for society. This alternate way of seeking fair, just and moral outcomes seem to be slowly leveling out the playing field. It forces an awareness of the truth through unleashing what is hidden from our view, thus encouraging global influencers, whether it be corporate or individuals to carefully consider their actions.

“Peace, love and unity is all within our grasp.” Anonymous

We are living in interesting times.